Ladybird PreSchool Nursery Shipley


Age 2-5 Years Old

Welcome To Our Ladybird Room

Our large Ladybird room caters for children aged 2-5 years and has a wide range of areas, we cover the EYFS (Early years foundation stage) and curriculum to promote children’s development.

We like to bring out the best in our ladybirds so plan around their interests to enhance activities and resources to widen their curiosities, play and development. Our staff have worked hard to created a fun, stable, safe and happy environment for your child. 



To enable our children to explore in different environments, we like to play outside at least twice a day, so combined resources between indoor and outdoor.

This increases their imagination and bonding with each other, it develops their personal, social and emotional development, communication and language as well as their physical development and as your child grows we also develop in all areas like mathematics, literacy along with art and design.

Because of this all our children have wonderful relationships with our staff. 


Our 3+ ladybirds are encouraged to become more independent learners, with every single step of their learning journey carefully planned and monitored by our staff that have built up strong relationships with each individual child.  

Our Home Corner – Children enjoy role play and imitating what adults do at home and nursery. We change the home corner into a range of role play activities such as a Dr. Surgery, Post Office, Vets, Shops/Supermarket, hairdressers etc.

We have a large and varied collection of dressing up wear which includes wigs, glasses, head wear, footwear etc. this gives them ample choices to play different characters. 

Creative Area 
Malleable materials, e.g. Sand, Water, Play dough, Slime, Shaving foam etc. for your children to explore and experience.

Mark Making
Children have access to a number of mark making tools e.g. crayons, pencils, chalk, paint etc. we have a large range of paper, card, easals etc. for children to use and promote their fine motor skills.

Construction Area
We have a large range of building materials for the children to experience by putting things together and balancing, it promotes their physical skills.

Book Area
This area is used often as we use this for our group time and bonding activities, we read stories to our children whom all love to listen as this explores their imagination, this is when they like to share any of their own stories with us all, which promotes self confidence, speech and good listening. We all enjoy singing and the children do relish in singing for their friends, which again promotes the aspects of self confidence.

Small World
Children love small world play e.g. farm, jungle, animals, people, train tracks, etc. the children often broaden their play by linking small world to most other activities, which encourages the Schemas of learning. E.g. of Schemas below:

  • Rotation
  • Trajectory
  • Enveloping
  • Transporting
  • Orientation

Children love to explore real objects such as telephones, keyboards, magnifying glasses (to look at bugs etc.) children learn a great deal by investigating and exploring the world.