Caterpillar 0-2 year Old Childcare


Age 0-2 Years Old


Welcome To Our Caterpillar Room


Our Caterpillar room has been developed to promote discovery and wonder for each of our nursery children aged 0-2 years old. The Caterpillar room is warm and bright providing a creative but relaxed environment for babies and toddlers to develop their motor skills and feel confident within their surroundings.

By holding close relationships with parents our nursery carers try to provide a home from home atmosphere for each child. Playtime activities are planned each day from sand exploration to play dough textures and water play each creating new and exciting learning skills.


0-2 year Old Nursery Shipley

The Caterpillar room has four key areas of learning:

Book & Cosy Area

We have a variety of colourful books for babies and toddlers to enjoy.

  • Touch and feel books
  • Musical books
  • Puppets

Our cosy area has lots of cushions and blankets to make story time a comfortable and enjoyable time for all ages. We love reading stories as well as singing and even create mini discos that the children enjoy moving and grooving to the different sounds.


Messy Area

In this area the children have access to sand and water with a variety of tools and resources to play with. We set up different messy activities for the children to explore and experiment with. Messy activities include shaving foam, playdough, cornflour, slime and cereal play.

The children experiment and explore using their hands, feet and whole bodies as well as tools and resources. This area gives children the opportunity to learn through their senses and improve their fine motor skills e.g squeeze, pinch, pour, press etc.

Day Nursery Bradford

Day Nursery Bradford

Domestic Play Area

In this area we have resources that children can recognise and use to imitate what they have witnessed. This area has a variety of resources to develop and improve a sense of belonging.

In domestic play we often witness a child’s schema this been a repetitive schematic play such as:

  • Filling
  • Opening and closing
  • Lining up their toys/collecting their toys


Such resources within or domestic play area include:

  • Doll play: dolls, nappies, prams, cups, cots etc
  • Home resources: plates, bowls, pans, cutlery etc
  • Dressing up
  • Mirrors


Investigation & Discovery Play

This area is based around learning through curiosity. It allows the children to explore an experiment across the area following their natural instinct.

The area has a variety of resources which help the children learn and improve their hand to eye co-ordination.

Such resources include:

  • Small world: people, cars, animals etc
  • Large ans small building/wooden blocks
  • Musical instruments
  • Treasure baskets
  • Heuristic play resources


As each baby/child learns/grows and develops at their own pace, every baby/child develops their own interests. Whether they be their own or the same as those around them the babies/children will all have their own learning and development folder along with a child’s interest sheet which is updated daily, weekly, monthly as needs be.